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10 Jul 2024
Why Less Is Always More

Love & Relashionships / Spirit Guide / Spirituality

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We are often told that ‘less is more’. This standard phrase is used to express confirmation that adopting the minimalist approach to life is good for you.

It’s a term that is bandied about and applied to everything. ‘Less is more’ is usually associated with fashion, beauty and general lifestyle choices. Whilst many people freely use this expression, few know what it truly means. When you adopt a ‘less is more’ attitude you free yourself of many things. In a spiritual sense, when you are fully connected with your authentic self you realise that this is all that you need. Therefore the less you have, in terms of material possessions and emotional baggage, the more freedom to be you that you actually have.

Emotional Rescue

Letting go of emotional baggage means that you have more room in your life for happiness, love and inner peace. Emotions of the past keep you feeling trapped and unable to live the life that you desire. When you unburden yourself of past hurt and pain you have less will to repeat the emotional cycles again, and more freedom to attract what you really want.

Emotional Attachments

Being less emotionally attached to possessions is a freeing experience. Whilst it’s nice to have beautiful things around you, if you actually paused to consider what these objects mean, you may be pleasantly surprised to admit that you could easily live without them. Consider for a moment what single object you would save from your home in the event of a fire or flood disaster… Now think about how you would feel if you had to start over without all of the items that you left behind. Take your time pondering over this, instead of flapping into a panic. When you are truly honest with yourself, you’ll find that the only things that matter are the people that you saved.

Stress Reduction

The less emotional and trivial stuff that you have to deal with everyday, the greater your level of stress and anxiety reduction will be. Less problems means more stress free living. To reduce stress at home and in the workplace it is important to be honest with yourself and others. Don’t take on more than you can handle, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or guidance. Lighten your workload stress, and enjoy more peace of mind.

Freedom To Enjoy Life

The less ‘stuff’ that you have in your life, the more freedom you have to do exactly as you please. If your home is packed with possessions and clutter you’ll have less physical space to move around in. If your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, with clothes you’ve had for years but never wear, the less likely you are to spend time updating your image. The more items that you stuff into a suitcase, when travelling, the less mobile you’ll be when you reach your destination. Less is always more in a home environment or a suitcase!

The Power Of Words

There are a lot of people who spend a great deal of time talking but who don’t actually say very much. These chatterboxes love the sound of their own voice so much that they simply talk and talk. Choosing your words with care not only gets your message clearly and concisely across, but also makes you sound more knowledgeable and wise. Less empty words equal more meaningful expression. For spiritual insight into ways that you can adopt a positive ‘less is more’ attitude, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.