12 Traditional Halloween Rituals for Your Zodiac Sign

18th October 2021

Can't think of what to do for Halloween this year? We've got you covered with 12 of the most traditional Halloween rituals and activities – all organised by zodiac sign and explained in detail so you know the true Samhain power and magic behind them. Aries – trick-or-treat Halloween is based on the Celtic festival of Samhain, wh[...]

5 Tips for Dating a Scorpio

4th October 2021

Need some tips for dating a Scorpio? We understand! Scorpios can be mysterious souls, but there are some surprises! And once you get to know them and work out what makes them tick, you'll experience a deep and romantic love that you never knew was possible. Accept the mystery A Scorpio is a fixed water sign, which means that the[...]

5 Tips for Dating a Leo

18th August 2021

Need some tips for dating a Leo? From enjoying life to being yourself and more, these are our top astrological tips for dating a Leo. Let us know below if you have any to add! Confidence If you're dating a Leo, the first thing you're going to want to do is show a little confidence. Leos are ruled by the Sun and what does the Sun[...]

5 Tips for Dating a Virgo

9th August 2021

Our tips for dating a Virgo will have you straight into their good books (a difficult place to get into!) and they're not what you'd expect! Of course, being organised helps, but there's more to dating a Virgo then meets the eye… Get it together Ok so no doubt you already guessed this one – you gotta get it together if you want [...]

How to Read Your Own Birth Chart: Planets

1st August 2021

Have you ever wondered how to read your own birth chart? Well the planets are the perfect place to start! Here you'll find an intro to the meanings of each planet in your birth chart, so you can start to read your own and connect with your higher self through astrology. Enter your details >> here << to see your astrologic[...]

5 Tips for Dating a Cancer

11th July 2021

Want some tips for dating a Cancer? Astrology has got you covered! Make them fall head over heels for you in 5 simple tips, but of course, always remember to be yourself too… Go slow At the beginning of the relationship, a Cancer likes to take things slowly. Think of the crab in its shell – it hides at the first sign of danger. [...]

How to Do a Full Moon Ritual in 3 Steps

6th July 2021

All witches must know how to do a full moon ritual and it really doesn't have to be difficult! Your creativity and passion are the most important ingredients, but if you need a little strategy to make the most out of a full moon, here's our ritual recipe. Research the astrology No full moon is the same and each one has its own s[...]

5 Tips for Dating a Taurus

15th June 2021

5 tips for dating a Taurus. Are you dating a Taurus? Want to know how to rock their world? Or maybe you are the Taurus and want to send this to your partner? Either way, these tips will make sure any Taurus is head over heels. Eat It may be cliché but they don't say Taureans love to eat for no reason! Of course, it has to be som[...]

5 Tips for Dating an Aries

2nd June 2021

Are you dating an Aries and want to know how to really make it work between you? Well, in honour of Aries season, here are my top 5 tips for dating an Aries (or an Aries Moon/Rising/Venus) – if you're an Aries, let us know in the comments what your dating turn ons (and turn offs!) are… So, if you’re dating an Aries, add a little:&nbs[...]

7 ingredients all Witches need to have

7th May 2021

What ingredients do witches need to have? This is a question that comes up often for beginners to the craft and there are many answers, but you can't go wrong with having these 7 ingredients at hand for any magical or healing work. Lavender Every witch knows the power of lavender. Whether it's for calming an anxious mind or to h[...]

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