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14 Dec 2021
The Zodiac Signs at Christmas


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The zodiac signs at Christmas – what are they up to? We’ve all got our favourite ways to celebrate and chill and each sign has their very own special Christmas rituals. Some people love family time, others are more excited about the food and the presents – so tell us, what’s your sign and what do you like to do at Christmas?

Aries – Christmas crafts with the kids

Who’s got all the energy on Christmas day? An Aries has! You’ll find cardinal fire Aries wherever the fun is at, usually with an art project on the go, surrounded by glitter and getting the kids pumped for the Christmas celebrations (then later crashing after they go to bed!).

Taurus – online shopping

Taurus is ruled by Venus and Venus loves to shop. A Taurus at Christmas can be found wherever presents are at, or online, filling their virtual shopping baskets with beautiful things for everyone they love (including themselves!).

Gemini – chatting in the kitchen

Being ruled by Mercury, Gemini at Christmas LOVES to socialise and you’ll find them in the kitchen chatting about everything under the sun, or on the phone to relatives that can’t be there, filling them in on all the latest family news. 

Cancer – cosy by the fire

Cancer is ruled by the moon and their nurturing side loves to come out at Christmas. You’ll find them cosying up by the fire and creating an epic nest of comfort for the holidays. If a Cancer isn’t with their favourite people at Christmas, they get the holiday blues.

Leo – getting dressed up

Christmas and New Year for a Leo is the perfect opportunity to whip out that sparkly dress and statement earrings. Being ruled by the sun, you’ll not catch a Leo in their PJs on Christmas day, instead, they’ll be there with bells on – quite literally!

Virgo – writing New Year’s resolutions

Virgos are known to love a good list and what’s the best list of the year? New Year’s resolutions of course! Mutable earth Virgo is always seeking ways to improve and so you’ll usually find them, pen in hand, organising their lives for the coming year.

Libra – under the mistletoe

Libra is Venus-ruled and an air sign which makes them a flirtatious and sociable bunch! You can find a Libra where the action is at – on a festive date, chatting to their latest admirer, or if they’re lucky, under the mistletoe!

Scorpio – observing everybody else

As a fixed water sign, Scorpio is known to be deep and mysterious – they’d rather watch the party than join it. This is simply because Scorpio seeks to understand everything so at Christmas you’ll find them happy in a corner observing all the action.

Sagittarius – getting the party started

Ruled by Jupiter, the jolliest planet of them all, a Sagittarius can be the life of the party, dancing, telling jokes and generally lifting everyone’s spirits. At Christmas there’s added enthusiasm so prepare for the festivities to blow up as soon as your Sag walks in the door!

Capricorn – driving home for Christmas

We all know that a Capricorn tends to work a lot. This is because they’re ruled by Saturn. At Christmas, a Capricorn can be found on their way home! They are a sentimental bunch really and they’d never miss the family get together for anything!

Aquarius – playing a board game

As a Uranus-ruled sign, Aquarius are a quirky bunch and love any activity that involves teamwork, competition and general silliness. It’s guaranteed that an Aquarius at Christmas can be found setting up a board game or quiz for the family to play together.

Pisces – watching Christmas movies

Pisces tend to be a sentimental sign. Ruled by Neptune, they love escapism and nostalgia so a Pisces at Christmas can be found watching their childhood favourite Christmas movie for the hundredth time. Add a cuddle with a pet into the mix and you’ve got yourself a Pisces’ perfect Christmas.

So how did we do? What’s your favourite Christmas activity? Come and tell us on social media!

Ellie Rose xx