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11 Jun 2024
How Tarot Can Help You Trust Your Instincts


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Intuition is like an inner compass that guides and directs you. Without intuition life would be aimless, super challenging and incomplete.

Developing your intuition helps you to trust your instincts and to have greater belief in yourself. When your instincts are switched on you can achieve your goals and heart’s desires, knowing that you are following your soul’s path.

Developing A Relationship

When you have a gut feeling you are experiencing intuition at work. Some people instinctively trust these feelings, whilst others doubt them because they think they are imagined. The tarot is a great tool for connecting with your Higher Self, and spiritual realms, and for developing a relationship with your instincts. Leave aside any perceived lack of intuitive ability and be open to exploring your instincts. You can begin training your intuitive abilities by meditating and connecting to a higher power. Metaphysical tools like the tarot can help you to focus your attention, and to explore symbolic images and messages. If working with tarot cards, listen to your gut to help you interpret the messages. Trust whatever you are feeling and sensing. Your intuition will present the insight in a way that you personally can understand. The more that you trust and invest your intuition in the relationship process, the greater your abilities will become.

Trusting The Tarot

You should never feel guilty about trusting your instincts. Your intuition is your soul’s Satnav and this always has your safety and greater good at heart. When you are consulting a psychic reader it is beneficial to you to switch on your intuition. Pay attention to your unique warning signs that tell you something is resonating or is completely wrong. Trust that the tarot is guiding you and communicating a relevant message that will help you on your spiritual journey. To further develop your instinct connection, ask the tarot questions. An experienced psychic reader will be able to give you answers to your questions, so use this as an opportunity to test the development of your intuitive abilities.

How To Trust Your Instincts

Intuition is the prompting of your soul’s code and the guidance system that we all use to navigate our way through life. It stops you making hasty decisions or extremely bad choices, and helps to keep you safe. On the upside, your instincts also point you in the direction of good things. If you would like to upgrade your intuition practice these simple steps every day:

  1. Meditate to open up your spiritual connection and awareness. You will also enjoy the benefit of having a calmer state of mind.
  2. Focus on matters of importance in your life. Look at each situation individually and ask your soul to show you what you need to know.
  3. Trust the gut feeling that rises to the surface. Don’t be tempted to push aside whatever comes to light first.
  4. Explore and interpret the meaning of any seemingly random images or information that you receive intuitively. Sometimes this can be a little like breaking a secret code.
  5. Go about your day, and trust that your instincts are guiding you along the way.

To test your instincts, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.