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11 Jun 2024
How Psychic Skills Work


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Everyone has some form of psychic ability, whether aware of it or not. If you are interested in learning about these natural skills, you may already be developing your intuitive gifts and extrasensory perceptions in a number of ways.

There are four main types of psychic abilities that are known as the Clairs. These are the ways in which intuitive guidance is received. Typically, one or two of the Clair senses will be stronger than the others. Psychic and spiritual readers often have a combination of the Clairs, which allows them to easily tap into the spiritual realms during a psychic reading.

                                                                                  Major Intuitive Abilities

Clairvoyance – clear seeing. Clairvoyance is an inner seeing, and is the most well known psychic skill. Clear seeing, or psychic vision, is often described as “watching a mini movie inside your head. The subtle flashes of ‘seeing’ can include being shown colours, symbols and numbers that may not initially appear to mean very much. Experienced psychics are skilled at interpreting the subtle hints and messages of the images, that are not always intended to be taken literally. Sometimes the ‘seeing’ can also be a clear premonition.

Clairsentience – clear feeling. Receiving intuitive messages via feelings, emotions, or physical sensations is known as Clairsentience. This also includes the ability to feel the emotions of others (empathy). If you feel angry, anxious, sad, confused, elated or other overwhelming emotions, you may be sensitive to the energy of other people. You may also feel their physical symptoms and pain. This can leave you feeling drained and exhausted, if not handled correctly. On the positive side, as a clairsentient it may be very easy for you to know when someone is lying to you.

Clairaudience – clear hearing. Clairaudience is usually described as a sense of inner hearing. It’s a bit like tuning into a little voice inside that gives you directions and guidance. Highly sensitive psychic mediums are able to hear things that other people can’t hear. This can be spirit voices, sounds and music. If you are clairaudient you may hear Spirit speaking inside your head in your own voice, or may hear the actual voice that the Spirit had before passing over.

Claircognizance – clear knowing. Claircognizance is the sense of inner knowing that enables you to know something without logic or facts. It’s like trusting your gut feeling or intuition, when you meet someone that for some reason you simply do not trust. Claircognizant feelings can be very strong and are usually received in the form of random intuitive thoughts.

                                                                            Other Intuitive Abilities

There are a host of other intuitive skills that psychics use to gain access to the information that you want. The most common unusual abilities include.

Clairalience – clear smelling. The ability to smell things outside the normal range of smells is known as Clairalience. This could be the perfume worn by a loved one who has passed away, or the cigar smoke that is associated with a particular person.

Clairgustance – clear tasting. Clairgustance is the sense of inner tasting, without putting anything into your mouth. You may begin to develop a particular taste in your mouth, which is associated with a particular person, place or experience. 

To identify your own unique psychic skills, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.  

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