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09 Mar 2022
Mother’s Day Messages Based on Her Zodiac Sign


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Our mothers brought us into this world, complete with all our astrological placements, so if there’s one day that’s perfect for celebrating life, it’s Mother’s Day! To celebrate the one who gave us life in this big beautiful universe, tell her something that she’ll love, based on her zodiac sign…


An Aries likes to know they’re appreciated for who they are so tell your mum what it is that makes her special – does she have a winning smile? Is she loved by everyone? Is she really good at something that no other person can compare to? Tell her what it is that makes her awesome.


A Taurus loves to care for everyone’s pleasures so your mum might be a great cook, or perhaps she’s always there physically with a hug and a warm, safe space for you to return to. Tell her how much you appreciate the ways that she provides for you, the nest she’s created for you or perhaps how awesome her cakes are!


A Gemini likes to know they are heard so instead of telling your mum something, spend some time just listening to her. Ask her how her day was or strike up a conversation about something she’s interested in. You’ll show your appreciation by connecting with her mentally.


Similar to a Taurus, the Cancer loves to provide safety and security to those they love, except where a Taurus is more focussed on providing materially, a Cancer wants to make sure those they love are supported emotionally. Tell your mum how she makes you feel – safe? Secure? Loved?


Leos love nothing more than to feel seen and respected so tell your mum how beautiful she is, how good she is at something or better still, take her somewhere where she can show you these things! A trip out or activity where she can compete, create or somehow show her skills and passions off will make her day.


A Virgo likes to know that everything is under control and running smoothly, but often they’re a little overwhelmed by their endless to-do lists, so do your mum a favour and do her a favour! Ask her if there are any jobs she needs help with or what you can do to make her life easier.


Libras love company so get your whole family together to do something for your mum. Maybe throw a dinner party where she can show off her hostess skills or just organise for people to pop over for a cup of tea, she’ll appreciate that you gave her the chance to feel close to everyone she loves.


A Scorpio’s deepest need is to trust and connect emotionally so to make your mum feel special this Mother’s Day, just be there for her in whatever way she needs. Listen to her, make her a cup of tea, ask her how she feels today then be patient until she shows what it is she needs most, it might just be a hug.


For your Sagittarius mum, let her tell some stories as this is something a Sag does best! Ask her what her teenage years were like, what her first job was, talk about love, spirituality or philosophy and ask her opinion – she’ll love the opportunity to talk about what she knows and you’ll no doubt learn something about her too!


A Capricorn likes to be appreciated for how far they’ve come in life. This doesn’t always have to be financially, it could be that they’ve overcome some life hurdle or changed their circumstances, got a great education against the odds. Tell your mum how proud you are of her and how she inspires you to do better.


Something out of the ordinary will capture your mum’s heart this Mother’s Day so try and take her out somewhere you’ve never been before or do something fun around the house. Maybe play a board game to get her mind ticking or make something together to get the creativity flowing.


A Pisces gives so much that sometimes things can get a little imbalanced so this Mother’s Day, make sure you pamper your mum and tell her how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. A card with a heartfelt message and some flowers will go a long way to making her feel loved. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mums out there – you are all special in your very own way!

Ellie Rose x  

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