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24 Aug 2019
How to Worship a Goddess


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To celebrate all the Venus Energy around at the moment, why not tap into your divine femininity with some Goddess worship? If you want to embrace your own power and begin to stand up for yourself more, or perhaps learn how to nurture your needs and slow down a bit, connecting with a Goddess can be a great way to do all this and more!  

1. Pick a Goddess

There’s no wrong or right way to do this. Sometimes the Goddess will come to you, maybe a friend mentions Aphrodite or you see a book with Kali on the front and it triggers interest inside you so you start to look for more information. Or maybe, you just decide one day you want to connect with a Goddess and you go out and look for one! Google is your friend here! Think about what cultures you’re interested in and what qualities you want to embody. I’ve included a few examples for inspiration, but the trick is to choose one that you resonate with.

  • For wisdom: Athena (Greek), Frigg (Norse), Ma’at (Egyptian)
  • For health & wealth: Lakshmi (Hindu), Mami Wata (African), Basthet (Egyptian), Gaia (Greek)
  • For family matters: Parvati (Hindu), Isis, Papatū?nuku (Maori), Tiamat (Babylonian)
  • For strength & power: Sekhmet (Egyptian), Durga (Hindu), Morrigan (Celtic), Hecate (Greek),
  • For love: Ishtar (Mesopotamian), Lakshmi/Parvati (Hindu), Green Tara (Buddhist)

Some of these overlap each other and embody many qualities so make sure to do a little research for yourself!  

2. Learn About Your Goddess

Now you’ve picked a Goddess it’s time to learn about her a little deeper! Find out about her mythology – what stories are associated with her, as this is a great way to learn about her subconsciously – after hearing a few mythological stories you’ll start to feel as if you know her. Find out what qualities, items, colours and actions are associated with your Goddess. What does she like, what doesn’t she like? What are the people that follow her like? What qualities do they represent? How do they worship her? All this information will deepen your connection to her.  

3. Create a Shrine

Since you’ve got to know your Goddess a bit better, create a shrine to her! This is more than a devotional act, it helps you to connect to her energy at first by focusing your subconscious mind on her image and qualities. You don’t need much for a shrine! A printed-out picture and a candle will do it. Extras like incense, flowers, crystals, shells and other decorative items are all up to you. You can have tons of fun creating a shrine.  

4. Make Offerings

The fun part! The energy of your Goddess lives in the shrine you’ve created, so make sure to treat her well. Make offerings to her in the form of: lighting a candle or incense, bringing flowers, fruit, sweets or whatever items she likes, meditate on her qualities or do a good deed in her name. The most important part is your intention. Giving her a pebble you found is just as good as donating a fortune if the intention is good.  

5. Meditate on Her

After making an offering, make sure to soak up her energy by meditating in front of your shrine. This way, you’ll start to embody all those lovely traits you wanted (the reasons you picked her in the first place!) and you’ll begin to see the places in your life where you could use her help.  

At this stage, you’re free to ask a favour or blessing, or just to give thanks for her support. If you want help with something, remember to offer something in return. You’d be surprised at how well this works!  

And that’s all there is to it! Soon, you’ll start to feel stronger, luckier and more connected to divine. The Goddess is protecting and guiding you, and the more attention you give to her, the more present she’ll be in your life. And whilst you’re here, why not read some more of my Psychic Future blog posts on all things Astrological? Happy Goddess Worship, my beauties! 

Ellie Rose xoxo