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13 Jun 2024
How to Do a Full Moon Ritual in 3 Steps


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All witches must know how to do a full moon ritual and it really doesn’t have to be difficult! Your creativity and passion are the most important ingredients, but if you need a little strategy to make the most out of a full moon, here’s our ritual recipe.

Research the astrology 

No full moon is the same and each one has its own special power. Harnessing the astrological power of the moon is one of the best ways to make your ritual more potent.  

Find out what sign the full moon is going to be in, then do a little research as to what kind of magic will be most effective. 

For example:  

Fire moon (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) – for confidence magic, creativity boosts, inspiration and motivation, passion, love magic, travel, competition and energy levels. 

Earth moon (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) – great for money magic, body positive magic, career guidance, manifesting or improving a home, material things, food and sex. 

Air magic (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) – for communication, clearing bad energy, magic for friends or siblings, improving writing and speaking, finding the truth, seeking clarity, divination and inspiration. 

Water magic (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) – good for clearing emotions, healing and heart magic, love magic, compassion magic, helping others, magic art, divination and protection, prophecy and devotion. 

Each of these has their own more specific meanings so spend some time finding out and choose the right ritual or spell for the right full moon! 

Set a specific intention 

Once you’ve found out a little about the astrology, plan what it is that you want to attract with your magic. 

This might sound very simple but many of us try our hand at magic by asking for something very vague like “love” or “money” then they feel disappointed when it doesn’t seem to deliver.  

It’s not that your spell didn’t work, it’s more that you’re not actually measuring the result, so how do you know that you haven’t received it? Finding a penny on the floor constitutes as “money” so voila your spell worked! Although that’s not exactly what you meant now is it? 

Instead, set a very specific intention.  

E.g. an exact amount of money. Something just outside of what you’d expect is perfect to begin with. Trying for a million at the beginning of your magical journey is probably not going to manifest! So start with something realistic to start with. 

If it’s love you’re seeking, in what shape or form would you like it? Would you like to meet someone and go on a date? Would you like your partner to kiss you each morning or compliment you more? Ask yourself what it is EXACTLY that you want. That’s your intention. 

Plan & perform 

Planning your ritual in advance will not only save you time but also keep you on track. Staying on track is helpful as the ritual will require your entire focus, not trying to work out what you’re doing next instead. 

Once you’ve planned what you’ll do, collect all the items you’ll need and keep them in one place. This way you won’t have to keep getting up to go and find something during the ritual. 

Set a space with mood lighting, music and incense, then begin your ritual. It can be anything you like and the more creative you are the better! 

Something as simple as lighting a candle and saying some words will work, or you can go full witch and write your intentions on paper then burn them (carefully) and meditate on your desired intention. 

Once you’re finished, dispose of any used ingredients respectfully while chanting “the magic is done, remove any energy from these items” and eat something to ground yourself. Magic can be tiring work! 

What did you think of this ritual? Have you got any tips to add? 

Much love, 

Ellie Rose xx