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13 Jun 2024
How To Get In Spiritual Shape For Summer


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To ensure that you’re in tip-top spiritual shape this summer it’s important to follow a regular spiritual ‘workout’ plan. Maintaining positive and healthy regular spiritual and holistic practices will keep you looking and feeling your best throughout the summer months.

Exercise Your Spirit. Take advantage of the warmer weather and exercise your spirit outdoors every day. A workout can feel like a physical spring clean for the soul. Keep in shape by participating in exercise that makes you feel good. A combination of lively and invigorating dance moves, calming yoga or t’ai chi, and bike riding makes a great all-round workout for the body, mind and spirit. Physical exercises like swimming, gentle aerobics, running and weight bearing exercises will also help to tone you up. Losing weight, by focusing on things that you like to do, becomes effortless when you’re busy having fun. If exercise isn’t your thing, ask a friend to join you so that you can motivate and inspire each other. Avoid the quick fix trap, and aim to create a regular exercise plan you can stick to throughout the summer. As you begin to build lean muscle and body confidence you’ll want to spend more and more time physically exercising your spirit.

Feed The Soul. For optimal physical health it is important that you nourish and hydrate your body with essential nutrients, and the daily recommended 8 glasses of fresh water. Making a few positive changes to your regular dietary habits, during the warmer summer months, will make you feel lighter, brighter and full of energy. Eat lots of fresh, colourful fruits and vegetables at every mealtime. Consider reducing your consumption of red meat, and increasing the amount of superfoods and raw vegetables that you eat. Taking an interest in nutrition, and how it fuels your body, will encourage you to try out new healthy foods. Once you start to feel the benefits of a healthy diet your body will naturally begin to crave nutritious salads and smoothies. Remember to keep an eye on portion control, and to practice mindful eating. When you pause to savour the flavour of food, instead of wolfing it down, you may find that your appetite is satisfied with less food.

Find Your Spiritual Spot. Create a welcoming spiritual sanctuary in a corner of your home or garden. Decorate with a comfy chair and some cushions, and other accessories that make you feel happy. This tranquil spot is the perfect resting place to meditate, write in your journal, paint or draw, study the Tarot, and generally chill out. Taking a break from technology, social media and hectic activity every day will provide the mental and spiritual detox that your body, mind and soul needs. You can also listen to relaxing and soothing music, read inspiring books and enjoy quality soul time in this special spiritual spot.

Think Beyond The Summer. See your new spiritual regime as a positive change that you will continue to enjoy long after the summer has ended. Healthy living shouldn’t be a seasonal choice. Maintain your happy summer mood throughout the year by checking in with your body regularly. When you are enjoying optimal health your spirit just wants to have fun.