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17 Jun 2024
5 Ways To Celebrate The Summer Solstice

Astrology / Spirituality

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The summer solstice, on 21 June, celebrates the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Midsummer’s Day has the most hours of sunlight in the whole year and is therefore the longest day. It is often associated with ancient Celtic, Pagan and Druid customs and festivals, and marks the perfect time to celebrate summer.

To rejoice in the energy of the sun this summer celebrate the solstice in style.

1. Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. 

Stonehenge is a popular location choice for people wanting to celebrate the solstice with spiritual meaning. Built 5000 years ago, the famous UK landmark in Wiltshire annually attracts thousands of visitors looking for a mystical experience. If you can’t make it to Stonehenge celebrate by setting up a cosy tent and camping out on the longest day of the year.

2. Light Your Fire.

Midsummer’s Day was once traditionally celebrated by dancing around the bonfire. Bonfire lighting is still an important part of the summer solstice ritual because it symbolises keeping the approaching dark, of autumn, at bay.   The ancient bonfire lighting ritual is still carried out at specific festivals in the UK. If you want to create your own personalised ritual you can light a symbolic fire in your garden incinerator, chimenea or fire basket. Host a bonfire ritual and invite your family and friends to share food and drink and to welcome in new beginnings.  

3. Cultivate Your Garden.

The summer solstice is the midpoint of the growing season for the farmer. Celebrate the solstice by connecting with nature. Traditionally Midsummer’s Eve was believed to be a time when the magical forces of nature were at their most powerful. The veil between this world and beyond are also believed to be at its thinnest during this time. Cultivate your garden by creating a beautiful garden altar or charming fairy garden to welcome in some seasonal sun energy magic. Decorate your garden with symbolic ornaments that are meaningful to you. A suncatcher positioned at your kitchen window will also magnify the extra daylight.

4. Enjoy Some Pampering

Midsummer’s Day is about celebrating life so take the opportunity to give yourself some TLC. Create your own personalised body cleansing ritual that symbolically prepares your mind, body and spirit for all of the positive new experiences that are headed in your direction. Use healing crystals and aromatherapy to transform negativity into positivity. You can also spoil yourself by booking a massage or other pampering treatment to super-charge your energy.  

5. Watch The Sun Rise

The origins of the folklore traditions, involving the celebration of the summer solstice, hark back to a time when people were more in tune and in harmony with their surroundings. Being outside allows you to connect to the rhythm of the earth and nature and to be inspired by the beauty of all that is. Watching the midsummer sun rise over a beautiful and breath taking landscape will instantly make you feel energised and more appreciative of your life. When you watch the sun rise you can reconnect with nature in a way that celebrates simplicity.