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11 Jun 2024
How To Attract Healthier Relationships

Love & Relashionships

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Although most people are completely unaware of the reasons why their relationships are less than happy and harmonious, the truth is that we attract relationships into our life based on the vibration that we give out.

When it comes to love and romance, we attract the person who has a spiritual soul lesson to teach us. If you’re not convinced this is the truth, pause for a moment and think about the repetitive patterns you have experienced in past relationships. Have you attracted similar types? Or found yourself on the receiving end of a broken heart time and time again? What did you learn from this? You can only attract what’s matching your vibe. If you’re done with the heartache, and want to attract healthier relationships, you can actively start raising your vibrational frequency. The more you do this, the easier it will be for you to attract people who are on your energetic wavelength.

Practice Self Love

Self-love is the practice of liking AND loving yourself on a deep level. This includes the way in which you let others treat you, how you think about yourself and your inner dialogue. If you want other people to treat you with respect you have to able to respect yourself. Your outer world, and the relationships that you have with other people, is a reflection of your inner world. If you are at peace with your self, and in total acceptance of you, you will quickly find that you attract kind and loving people towards you. If you are not treating yourself well don’t expect to be treated any better by a new potential partner. He or she can only give you what you are open to receive. To be fully open to receive love, happiness and joy, give these gifts to yourself first.

Dump The Emotional Baggage

Are you still living in the past and pondering over ‘what might have been’? If so, your emotional baggage is weighing you down and stopping you from raising your vibe. No matter how many times your heart has been broken, if you still want to experience a healthy, loving relationship you cannot continue to cling on to the past. Before you set off in hot pursuit of a new love you must dump that emotional baggage. The baggage that we tend to carry around after a failed or hurtful relationship acts like a deterrent, and discourages healthy relationships from coming your way. To attract a healthy relationship it’s essential that you are honest with yourself. If you still have issues to work through and release, you need to accept that you’re really not ready for a love relationship just yet. Give yourself the space and time that you need to let go of your past hurts and to heal. Learn to love and appreciate yourself, before you give that attention to someone else.

Have Fun

Let go of your attachment to outcome and focus instead of having more fun. When you are busy enjoying your life you are naturally vibrating on a much higher frequency. This is vibe that you want to maintain if you want to attract a healthy relationship. Get out there and meet new people. Go to new places and try out new things. You deserve to experience all the good things in life, so don’t stop yourself from having fun simply because you think you need to have a love partner to have a good time. When you are your authentic self, love will find you. For guidance on raising your vibe, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.