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04 Jul 2024
3 Venus in Scorpio Love Lessons

Astrology / Love & Relashionships

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Venus in Scorpio begins on 21st November and offers us a chance to connect deeply with those we love. Prepare for 3 weeks of intimacy, romance and a little bit of thrill!  


Venus in Scorpio is all about finding a deep connection with another and you’ll really feel the craving of a deep and soulful communication over this 3 week period. Chitchat just won’t cut it! But in order to really connect deeply with another, first we have to connect deeply with ourselves, and this isn’t always easy!  Spend time during this Scorpio Venus transit communicating with yourself, going within and being radically honest with what you find there. Scared of commitment? Don’t feel you’re good enough? Worried you’ll never find true love?  These beliefs are only holding you back (and they’re just not true!).  In order to let them go, tell yourself every day that you love and accept yourself, into a mirror for added love magic, and watch the results lift your confidence, your mood and ultimately bring you closer to those around you.  


This brings us to our next lesson for Venus in Scorpio season: self-worth. If you want to find real true intimacy with another, you have to actually believe you deserve it! During Venus in Scorpio season, try to figure out where your self-worth is low. Is it around the way you look? Your intelligence? Maybe you have money worries that bring you down and contribute to not feeling like you are enough. Whatever it is, Venus in Scorpio will carry you down into those depths so you can see this stuff for what it really is: a block to your happiness. You deserve the world! Try writing a gratitude list each day, or simply listing 3 things you are grateful for as soon as you wake up. You’ll soon find that you’re feeling 10x the confidence you had before and ready to authentically show up and find true deep intimacy with another.  

  1. TRUST 

One of the biggest themes of Venus in Scorpio is trust, and if you know a little about astrology, you’ll remember that the sign of Scorpio cares deeply about loyalty, sometimes to the point of not trusting many! Of course, you must be careful where you shower your love and energy, but during Venus in Scorpio season, you might find your trust is tested for another reason – perhaps it’s because you’re ready to trust more? When we don’t fully trust, we question people’s motives, what their intentions are when they say something or do something we don’t like, but sometimes the ball is in our court to try and trust a little more. Over these 3 weeks, ask yourself if you really truly trust someone, and reflect on why? Is it because you’ve been hurt in the past? Are you carrying trust baggage from a previous relationship, or your childhood?  Then ask yourself if you really truly trust yourself? Do you trust divine to protect you? Do you trust yourself to succeed, to get what you want?  The answers might help you to open up your heart a little more, which is exactly what Venus in Scorpio is all about.  How do you feel about these? 

Much love, 

Ellie Rose xxx