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02 Sep 2021
11 Most Common Dreams & What They Mean


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What are the 11 most common dreams and what do they mean? If you’ve ever had a particularly vivid dream you’ve probably asked yourself this question! Luckily we’ve compiled the 11 most common dream symbols here so you can work out what divine and your subconscious are trying to tell you… 


Dreaming about a baby or being pregnant signals an exciting new beginning coming to you. How you feel about the baby in the dream tells you how prepared you are for this new start. 


Being chased in a dream can be frightening! This is a sign that you’re under pressure and struggling to find emotional safety. Has someone been pushing you to do something you don’t want to do? 


Death in a dream is not always a bad sign. In fact, like the tarot card, dreaming of death can mean you’re ready to let go of one chapter of your life and about to embark on a new one. 


Dreaming of falling is a sign that you feel out of control in some area of your life. What are you feeling anxious about? What do you need to “let go” of in order to feel more secure? 


Flying in a dream is about as liberating as it gets! This dream signals that you are ready to realise your full potential and access a higher, lighter, freer version of you. It’s all about trusting yourself. 


Different rooms of a house in a dream represent different aspects of your life, memories or parts of you. For example, the bedroom can be intimacy or rest, the attic your subconscious. Ask yourself what each room means to you. 


Making a mistake in a dream like being unprepared for an exam, being late, or being publicly embarrassed shows that you are feeling like you can do better in your life. It’s time for a confidence boost! 


Being naked in a dream can be very embarrassing! But it is our most natural form. If you are feeling self-conscious about something, it’s time to accept yourself, whatever you might be wearing! 


Different people in a dream represent different parts of your psyche. The traits they show in the dream are traits that you must accept or observe within yourself. What or who do you need to face? 


Snakes in dreams have been a profound symbol in many cultures, usually signalling that the person is undergoing some kind of transformation, just as a snake sheds its skin, so are you, shedding something. 


Seeing teeth in your dream signals that you have been feeling anxious or have experienced a loss and are not facing your grief. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling and your power will return. 

Ellie xx 

Have you experienced one of these 11 most common dreams? Did these meanings resonate? 

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