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28 Jul 2022
10 Spiritual Awakening Signs


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If you’re spiritually switched on you’ll be aware of the big buzz that’s surrounding spiritual awakening and enlightenment right now. The multiple energetic frequency shifts that occur during the Spring Equinox, and the changing phases of the moon, also create energy shifts in the physical human body. These subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, shifts are common signs of spiritual awakening, and the form part of the process of Ascension.

Mission Statement. Hands up if you feel you have a ‘calling’ mission or purpose to fulfil in your lifetime. This sense of purpose feeling is often the beginning of an individual’s spiritual awakening and can take many years to be fully realised. The spiritual waking up process is a unique experience for everyone and it completely changes your life. Whether or not you consider yourself to be a spiritual being, a lightworker or healer, or an average person, if you’re experiencing any or all of the common signs of spiritual awakening get ready to enjoy the magical, mystical experience that lies ahead.

10 Common Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

  1. You feel ‘nudged’. You have an urge to make some major changes in your life – career wise, in your relationships, and even the location where you live. Sometimes this urge manifests as an uncanny ‘coincidence’, like a meaningful book or a helpful person suddenly appearing out of the blue.
  2. You want to lend a hand. You’re drawn to helping others at every opportunity and may be considering a change of profession. Massage therapy, nursing, reiki healing etc are all very appealing.
  3. Your world feels different. You have an eerie sense that the world has changed and isn’t real. You could put this down to watching too many sci-fi movies, or you could explore the new reality of your spirituality.
  4. You’re more in tune with your natural psychic abilities. Your natural abilities are increasing tremendously, and you are finding it easier to connect with the spiritual realms. Things you dream about often come true too.
  5. You’re experiencing physical symptoms. Headaches, nausea, dizziness and tingles on the top of the head are sometimes also accompanied by ringing in the ears, an irregular heartbeat and unusual visual disturbances.
  6. Your emotions are flowing. You may experience moments of pure joy and happiness, and you feel like you are overflowing with love. Low mood swings of anxiety and depression will also feel heightened.
  7. You keep seeing number patterns. The numbers 11 or 11:11 randomly pop up everywhere you look.
  8. You experience warp time. There isn’t enough time in the day, or time feels suddenly speeded up.
  9. Everything seems super weird. Your dreams are stranger than usual or you may think that you see, hear or sense the presence of a spirit around you.
  10. You feel the vibe. You can easily sense energy in a room. If someone is having a bad day you instantly feel their negative vibe and it affects you.

There are many more spiritual awakening signs that include noticing changes in the way that you view and interact with life. One day you’re hooked on TV soaps, gossip and fast food and the next you’re realising that there is far more to life. Meditation, psychic readings, yoga and spiritual practice are now your thing! 

To explore your spiritual path further, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.