Shaw - Pin 8651


Hello, I'm Shaw. I'm a Psychic Tarot reader here to assist with anything you may. Whatever the question, I have the power to find the answer to help you achieve true happiness and inner peace and harmony. What I provide / Offer As an intuitive empath, since childhood I have always navigated the world through sensing, instinctively feeling my way around. After a process of healing and deep inner work, my spiritual practise developed. I began to read tarot for my family and friends. I believe that the tarot can be a medium to help us to connect more deeply with ourselves. l would like to offer insight and clarity into your current situation. Ultimately the cards cannot determine or predict the future, you are the only one who has power and the freewill to determine your choices in life. But I believe the tarot can help us to shed light on issues and to help us to reconnect with ourselves, and our desires.