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Romance - Pin 4270


I use the name Romance because I do quite a lot of love and relationship readings. I read on all subjects, however. I started doing readings in the early 1970s. Introduction (Red) I am called Romance. I am a 2nd generation clairvoyant and clairaudient psychic. I have worked with open Spiritualist Guide for many years. I cover all subjects in my readings. SKILLS AND SERVICES I OFFER. The readings I offer deal, most often, with specific questions. "When will I sell my house?". "When can I get a new job?", etc. I try my best to help people through good counsel and advice. Everyone has free will. Time is iffy and I believe it is nearly impossible to pin down exact dates. WHAT I PROVIDE. I provide answers that seemingly many people cannot find on their own. Spirit guides seem to be able to see around the corner. I provide an alternative to trying to find the answers on your own. THE EXPERIENCE I PROVIDE. If you use my services, you can expect clarity. I take your issue and your situation very seriously. You can expect me to be able to investigate virtually any area of life and provide some clarity on the issue. I have a compassionate demeanour on the phone and always listen carefully. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM THE CALL. What you can expect from the call is honesty. I am always honest with the people that call me. MY MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE WITH A CALLER. What callers have experienced. For me the most meaningful experience was someone whose dog had gone missing for several days. I was able to tell when she would return, and she did. WHY CHOOSE ME FOR YOUR READING. If you choose me for your reading, I will tell you the truth