May - Pin 2052


My name is May. I have been working with my spirit guides, reading tarot and oracle cards for around 12 years professionally. Coming from a Romany gypsy family I have always felt different and saw things as a child I couldn’t understand or explain, only when I was much older did I realize I was actually seeing spirit. I love helping people and like nothing more than finding solutions to problems. Skills and Services I offer. Healing and card readings are wonderful tools which help to get to the root of a situation or problem. Using the cards to address an issue and bring to light solutions, things that a person may not have been aware of can help to find a way forward. The experience I provide. People seem to gravitate towards me. Whether close family and friends or perfect strangers. People just open up and tell me their life stories. As a naturally caring person I love to help people in whatever way I can. Think of me as your friend, your confidant, someone who you can trust. As someone who understands life’s ups and downs, having had personal experience of most things, I am non-judgmental and open. I am a good listener, but I love to chat too. I am here to offer you support and guidance.