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Marie - Pin 7108


Hi my name is Marie, I'm an experienced reader, capable of helping you with any issues you may have. My background and My experience I was baptised as a baby spiritualist. My grandmother, on my maternal side, was from Rome, Italy. She used to read the playing cards. I wanted to know more, as I’m very intuitive and would predict scenarios that would happen to family, friends and myself. Skills and Services I offer. I have read for many callers in my +20 years experience. With many returning clients asking for more predictions. The experience I provide. What I do and can do for you. I read the playing cards reading a three-monthly spread, which deals with the past, present and future. It’s a shorter reading, as we don’t use the full deck and are less cards than the tarot which I also do. Those take a longer time as there are more cards and more information. I also know a lot about the horoscope’s signs, moon signs and rising signs. I can calculate your other signs, if you know the time of your birth and the locations. This lets you know more about your compatibility to those close to you. Although I never do readings on a Friday or Sunday, I am usually logged on most other days throughout the week and weekends, days and nights. . My most memorable experience with a caller. When I was 10 years old. I helped someone to realise what work path they should take. They took my advice and ended up becoming the top person within that profession. I also at the same age read the I Ching and I discovered something regarding my family that also turned out to be correct. A client was wanting to hear from someone, and they did. Another wanted to move and did. Another got a job she was already applying for at the time of my reading. Why choose Me for your reading I can reassure you and give you advice on issues relating to Love, Health, and Wealth. Which includes marriage, children, work, and any issues effectin