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Inka - Pin 1518


Hi, my name is Inka, I've been giving readings for 15 years now. I specialise in Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyant and Channelling. I use the original tarot cards to focus my energy on what's most important and to give clients clear and accurate messages. SKILLS AND SERVICES I OFFER. I help people get answers pertaining to Love, Court Cases, Job/Career and Money, their life's purpose work, and help people move through transitions in a positive way. THE EXPERIENCE I PROVIDE. Over the phone my demeanour is assuring and direct, yet my tone is very soothing and calm. I first want to make sure my client is comfortable and then I'll ask them what they would like to know, or if they would like a general reading. My readings can be interactive. I periodically stop and ask them if they have questions about what we just spoke about, so I give them the option to ask clarification questions, giving them additional information. MY MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE WITH A CALLER. I have a client that came to me due to her having trouble in her relationship. She was with her boyfriend for a few years and wanted to get married and didn't want any more children. I saw that she would get pregnant, so I warned her of that and guided her towards being more open in her relationship and expressing what is important to her. After working with her for a few sessions. She and her now fiancée bought a home and are set to get married very soon. WHY CHOOSE ME FOR A READING. Get Clarity and Peace of Mind through receiving Clear and Accurate messages about your present and future situation. .