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Ash - Pin 8973


My name is Ash and I'm a psychic clairvoyant medium/spiritual advisor with counselling skills. I've had direct experience with spirit for 23 years. In the past I have worked for some very notable psychics/ platforms and have provided readings worldwide usually resulting in a loyal client base. What I provide / Offer I provide guidance and insight into relationships, career, house moves, spiritual matters or anything else specific to you. The experience I provide. Use these sections to explain what people can expect if they use you. Explain your demeanour on the phone and what your process is to ensure you support your client. I use my abilities and connection to spirit to link in with you. I'm direct and straight to the point with my readings as I think it is important to provide the best possible insight and guidance for the client and although I can appreciate it is not always what they want to hear it is always presented with the best intentions. Client confidentiality is important and respected at all times. I'm sensitive, empathic, have a great sense of humour and I'm an attentive listener if you just need to let off steam.