Leo Latest Horoscope

20 September - 26 September 2021: This week, the new moon in Virgo beckons you to go within and spending time alone gives you chance to process and think. Finding out what's been working for you recently and what needs a small tweak gives you the inspiration to step it up a notch.

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23rd July to 22nd August

Celebrations are in the offing and all the near and dear

Money isn’t always necessary to make this happen, however. In fact, money isn’t a great way to keep score. Consider the sacrifices you make each time you strive to earn more cash. There’s a dynamic feeling in the air today that’s asking you to expand your mind in order to consider other ways to have fun.

Leo Love Horoscope & Relationships

When a Leo falls in love they fall hard and fast, they will always declare their love to the world and never ashamed of their feelings. They are full of energy and give a lot so they expect a lot in return. They are the protector and supporter of a relationship.

Leo Money And Career

Leo is the royalty of the zodiac and they love extravagance, money will always come easily to them. As far as they are concerned money is meant to be spend, they have such a generous spirit even their last pound to help a friend. Leos have so much energy that they will always be busy, they also need a profession which allows them to express themselves fully. They are creative, ambitions and hardworking. Once they are committed to an employer they will go all-out, and shine in career that show off their dynamic personality however the best situation would be for a Leo to be in charge or their own boss. The basic object of most Leo’s is to have a job that they can see directly helping people, and they want to make other people’s lives easier. They are perfectionist that hate amateurs, or people with low motivation as they strive hard at achieving high standards in their output.

Leo Character

The Leo, the lion is the most dominant of the entire zodiac. Just like their symbol they are dominant and are capable of impeccable bravery, they have strength of character to take command of any situation, they are also natural leaders, and people will come to them for guidance and security.

They are always in the right place and right time, and are known as the luckiest in the zodiac!

A Leo will make an impression in everything they do be it work, love or social life. They can be described as bright and warm people, full of self-motivation.

Leo’s are always extremely generous and extremely loyal to their friends, Leo will always been seen as a genuine friend, and even if they can’t help they can help calm and make people feel better by being around them.

They are completely ruled by their heart, once they are committed they are completely devoted and faithful to their partner however if there heart or trust be broken they will never forgive or forget.

Leo’s will stubbornly cling to their pride; Leo’s do not readily change their opinions or behaviour for others, they find it impossible to admit when they have been wrong and will make a point of clinging to a bad relationship.

Leo Sex

Leo’s are very passionate and full of energy with a large libido they will always give a great performance in the bedroom and they pour their heart out in every performance. They are exhibitionists and love to be watched and admired .They often need to have sex to feel reassured in their love life’s, admiration and flattery are the best tool to turn a leo lover on.

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