Palm Reading for Beginners

Posted on 1st September 2021

Types of Hand in Palmistry 

When palm reading for beginners, the first place you'll want to start is the hand itself. There are four types of hand, each corresponding to an element. Before you even look at the lines, sit and observe the shape of the hand itself: 

Fire hands 

Fire hands have a long palm with shorter fingers, with lots of well-defined lines that stand out. Fire people are creative, passionate and value fun above all. They can be fiery though!  

Earth hands 

Earth hands are typically square with short stocky fingers, rough texture, deep lines and a strong feel. Earth people are practical, grounded and hard-working but don't always show their emotions.  

Air hands 

Air hands are narrow and long with long straight fingers and clearly defined lines. Air people are intellectual, logical and fair. They have a sharp mind but might overuse it at times. 

Water hands 

Water hands are long, supple and knobbly with soft skin and lots of light lines. Water people are compassionate, spiritual and emotional. They are highly intuitive but may lack boundaries. 

The 4 Main Lines in Palmistry 

There are 4 main lines in palmistry that represent the aspects of a person's life. Once you have these down, you'll be able to start palm reading straight away. 

Heart Line 

The heart line sits at the top of the hand, stretching out from beneath the middle or pinkie finger. It shows the person's attitude towards relationships. Typically, the curvier the heart line, the more passionate and compassionate the person. A straighter heart line indicates a very rational person who filters everything through their mind. A heart line with lots of breaks or knots symbolises inconsistency or lack of commitment in relationships. 

Head Line 

The head line is second down the palm and represents how our mind works. A deep line shows good intellect and a faint line means someone isn't typically a "thinking" person, perhaps they see things very simply, are impulsive or don't value learning. The straighter the line, the more conservative the thinker, the wavier the line, the more "out of the box" they tend to think. 

Life Line 

Curving from above the thumb, the life line is the most misunderstood in palmistry. It doesn't show how long you will live, but rather, what your attitude towards life is. A deep curved line indicates someone with a real zest for life. A long line indicates someone with many friends and influences, whereas a shorter line is more independent. A life line with many breaks shows someone who cruises through life without gratitude or shows the times where life has been hard to them. 

Fate Line 

The fate line often can't be seen until adulthood, but it represents the destiny or path of the person. It can be seen stretching down the middle of the palm. A straight fate line shows someone who will walk the same path throughout life, whereas a fate line with breaks and branches shows someone multi-passionate who will discover different purposes and change their direction at times. 

Ellie xx 


So, how are your palmistry skills now? What kind of hand do you have?  

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